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What is iLusaka?
iLusaka is an initiative of Mwansa Machina (Miles). This solution is mainly intended to help facilitate users to find houses to rent and properties for sale in Lusaka.

What’s your story, Miles?
Months ago, I was looking to get a place to rent in Lusaka. The process of finding a place was excruciating. The idea of creating this platform came from that experience. Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays, no one should have to suffer the stress I went through to get a place. At least this should give everyone a starting point to find a home.

Who do you work with & What’s your role?
iLusaka works with already existing players in the real estate market, mainly agents and landlords. Our role is to support the layman find a place to rent by giving them a go-to place where they can meet agents and landlords at the comfort of their homes.

I am a real estate agent, how do I list properties on iLusaka?
Click here to contact us.

How much do you charge for your services?
Our services are free for agents, landlords and all our users.

How do you make money?
We make money from advertisers advertising on our website.

How do I advertise on iLusaka?
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What are your terms and conditions of service & privacy policy?
Click here to read our terms and conditions of service and our privacy policy.